Module OgamlGraphics.Texture.Texture2DMipmap

Represents a mipmap level of a 2D texture
type t
Type of a 2D mipmap level
val size : t -> OgamlMath.Vector2i.t
Size of the mipmap level
See : OgamlMath.Vector2i
val write : t -> ?rect:OgamlMath.IntRect.t -> Image.t -> unit
Writes an image to a sub-rectangle of a mipmap level. Writes to the full mipmap level by default.
See : OgamlMath.IntRect
See : OgamlGraphics.Image
val level : t -> int
Returns the level of a Texture2DMipmap.t
val bind : t -> int -> unit
System only function, binds the original texture of the mipmap
val to_color_attachment : t -> Attachment.ColorAttachment.t
Texture2DMipmap implements the interface ColorAttachable and can be attached to an FBO.
See : OgamlGraphics.Attachment.ColorAttachment