Module OgamlGraphics.Texture.CubemapFace

Cubemap face

Represents a single cubemap texture's face

type t
Type of a face
val size : t -> OgamlMath.Vector2i.t
Size of the texture
val mipmap_levels : t -> int
Returns the number of mipmap levels of this texture
val mipmap : t -> int -> CubemapMipmapFace.t
Returns a particular mipmap level of this face
val face : t -> [ `PositiveX | `PositiveY | `PositiveZ | `NegativeX | `NegativeY | `NegativeZ]
Returns the face corresponding to this texture
val bind : t -> int -> unit
System only : binds the original texture for drawing
val to_color_attachment : t -> Attachment.ColorAttachment.t
CubemapFace implements the interface ColorAttachable