Module OgamlGraphics

2D and 3D rendering, provides high-level and type-safe wrappers around openGL functions


Keyboard Getting real-time keyboard information
Mouse Getting real-time mouse information
Text Text rendering
Sprite Creation and manipulation of 2D sprites
Shape Creation and manipulation of 2D shapes
Model Creation, loading and manipulation of 3D models
VertexArray High-level wrapper around OpenGL vertex arrays
IndexArray High-level wrapper around OpenGL index arrays
Window High-level window wrapper for rendering and event management
Uniform Encapsulates a group of uniforms for rendering
Program High-level wrapper around GL shader programs
Font Information about a font
Texture High-level wrapper around GL textures
Image Image manipulation and creation
Framebuffer Framebuffer creation and manipulation
Renderbuffer Renderbuffer creation and manipulation
Attachment Framebuffer attachments
RenderTarget Render target specification
Context Encapsulates data about an OpenGL internal context
DrawParameter Encapsulates draw parameters used for rendering
DrawMode Draw modes enumeration
Color Color manipulation and creation